Gear maintenance of agricultural machinery and maintenance method

    Zhejiang Pujiang Gear Machinery Co. Ltd. is the following suggestions:

    1, operation process, often the timely removal machine wall and mechanical parts with sets of dirt, can reduce the mechanical load and reduced hammer claw or flail wear.

    Should be timely and standard 2 gear oil, gear box oil surface height, generallywith 1/3 facets in the gear oil immersion is appropriate. Year end of jobmaintenance equipment, should be cleaning the gearbox, the replacement of gear oil; each grease injection (12 hours per shift work) should add butteronce.

    3, check the hammer claw or flail wear, must change, should change the groupto keep dynamic balance of the knife shaft, to the same group of claw hammeraccording to the quality grade, the difference in weight of not more than 25grams, with a heavy hammer claw or knife can be installed in the roller.

    4 two 53512, replacing the roller bearings, the available three M16 bolts(buckling length not less than 70mm), using the technology of bearing rear